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Number one stargazing experience in New Zealand

Delighted to be named number one stargazing experience in NZ

The Good Heavens team are chuffed to be named number one Stargazing Experience in NZ, among many excellent experiences in the country.

Our stargazers often comment on our stunning seaside location on beautiful off grid Great Barrier Island and how they appreciate our comfortable experiences and our friendly and knowledgeable guides.

Great recognition

Hilde, owner and guide of Good Heavens: "In the last few years we've listened attentively to our stargazers and we've worked hard to ensure our stargazers have the best experience possible. It's super rewarding to see these efforts are recognised as we're named as the number one stargazing experience in NZ. It's even more special as this comes around our new national holiday, Matariki!"

The Tripzilla article reads:

"Among the Earth’s heavenly wonders, its starry spectacles have inspired many to honour them with celebrations. Or to take long journeys in search of the world’s best stargazing spots. New Zealand, in particular, is a hotspot for both. It enjoys its reputation as a haven for avid stargazers — thanks to clear skies, ideal weather, and minimal light pollution.

Alongside this, Matariki, the Maori New Year, highlights the best stargazing experiences. In 2022, Matariki makes its debut as an official public holiday for New Zealand, which re-introduces the indigenous celebration on a national scale. Definitely a win for inclusion, heritage, and dark sky conservation!"

Great Barrier Island - Dark Sky Sanctuary

"Great Barrier Island is an International Dark Sky Sanctuary. This means it has the best conditions for observing starry skies and nocturnal activity in a natural environment. As one of only five Dark Sky Sanctuaries in the world and the first island sanctuary in the world, Great Barrier Island is among the best places to stargaze on earth. That alone makes it one of New Zealand’s most outstanding stargazing experiences.

Far from big-city lights on an ‘off-the-grid’ island, the light pollution here is minimal. With small groups and stunningly scenic locations, this is an enlightening experience that takes you deep into the beauty and wonder of space.

Immerse yourself in nature

Hear the waves lap against the shore while gazing up and learning about the dazzlingly bright constellations. Enjoy comfortable, aptly named moon chairs to boot.

Whether with the naked eye or through a high-powered telescope, see the Milky Way, planets, or a distant galaxy. Hear stories and myths about constellations, super stars, and star clusters from the knowledgeable, friendly guides of Good Heavens Dark Sky Experiences. Conscious of the fragile island ecosystem, the guides tread lightly on the environment, and leave only footprints while the live their mission of sharing the wonders of the starry sky."


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