It is Good Heavens' mission to share the wonders of our spectacular starry sky with visitors to beautiful Great Barrier Island. We are proud to live in an International Dark Sky Sanctuary, among the darkest of all the Dark Sky Places in the world. On our off the grid island, light pollution is minimal, our stars are bright.

We offer dark sky experiences that are illuminating, comfortable, professional and tailored to you. We are mindful of our fragile island ecosystem and tread lightly on it throughout your tour.

We aim to give you the best dark sky experience possible, whether it's a stepping stone for further exploration of the universe or a one-off enlightening experience. We will leave an impression of quality, comfort and memorability. Come with us on a journey through the night sky!

Deborah Kilgallon Good Heavens

Deborah Kilgallon

Owner and Director

​I grew up in by the sea in Kerikeri, New Zealand, riding horses and looking up at the stars before heading off overseas for adventures through Asia, Europe, the Americas, then back home to NZ.

In 2014, my husband and I decided we wanted to live in a place that we truly loved, creating a healthy, active, sustainable life for us and our imminently arriving child. We chose Great Barrier Island. A stunningly beautiful place where we are surrounded by lush bush, sea and stars.

​Prior to establishing Good Heavens with Hilde, I worked for a central bank (The Bank of England) in London for 10 years and for large corporates (Westpac and NZ Bus) for a further 4 years in Auckland, Sydney and Wellington, mainly in Change Management. This has set me up well for running a business, understanding my clients needs and creating products to meet these needs.

Stargazing fills me with so much joy. And seeing the delight our clients get when gazing up into our dark starry sky with us is just wonderful. I’m a Mum to one young boy, a keen gardener, hiker, boogie boarder and stargazer.

Owner and Director of Good Heavens

Member, Auckland Astronomical Society

BSc (Hons) Economics and Mathematical Sciences

Diploma in Financial Services and Management

Hilde Hoven Good Heavens

Hilde Hoven

Owner and Director

I was born in the Netherlands and moved to New Zealand and Great Barrier Island in 1999 after meeting my partner on the island. Growing up in the light-polluted Netherlands, becoming an amateur astronomer wasn’t on the cards. It was attending a Dark Sky Astronomers course here on the Barrier, seeing Saturn and Omega Centauri up close, that changed that for me.

I have a background in hospitality management and have worked freelance as an online translator for 19 years. Hospitality is in my blood. Using language to convey the concepts of astronomy is exciting and seeing the enjoyment our clients experience when they see these illustrated through our telescope is very fulfilling. There is so much to see, so much to learn and so much to share in our beautiful skies.

My stargazing journey has opened up a whole other dimension to me. Sharing the universe and making people feel at home in our dark sky is a real buzz.

I’m a Mum to one teenage boy and a step mum of two adult sons. In my spare time I love to read and learn, play games, hike, surf and spend time with my family and friends.

Owner and Director of Good Heavens

Member, Auckland Astronomical Society

BA Hotel Management (Marketing)

Graduate Diploma, Translation Studies