Great Barrier Island is an International Dark Sky Sanctuary -

an amazing place for stargazing in New Zealand

Away from the lights of the big city and as an off-the-grid island, our light pollution is minimal.

Our dark skies are among the best for stargazing in New Zealand.


Come on a Dark Sky Experience with the Good Heavens team!

Stargazing in New Zealand

It is Good Heavens’ mission to take you on an entertaining knowledge journey
in a comfortable and beautiful environment, under one of the darkest skies imaginable.

Come stargazing with the Good Heavens team if you want to:

  • know more about the nocturnal environment that surrounds us half the time
  • find the Southern Cross and know how to use it to find South
  • orientate yourself using the stars and understand why stars appear to move
  • know whether you are looking at a star or a planet
  • find places where stars are born and know why they have different colours
  • lean back in comfort, marvel at the Milky Way and listen to interesting stories

So what can you expect?

Our tours take place under a sky virtually free of light pollution, because Great Barrier Island

is away from city lights and completely off the grid. So when you look up, it’s just the stars, the planets and you.


Our guides are experienced stargazers who have a thorough knowledge of the night sky.

During your experience they will point out various celestial objects and give you background information.


In addition, our guides will also share myths and interesting stories that have helped people to remember

what is where in the sky, and to make sense of this magical world throughout the ages.


Good Heavens have received a lot of media attention in the past few years,

check out our media page.

Optimising your experience

Our guides use laser pointers for naked eye gazing, and you will be using binoculars to look at middle distance objects,

and an 8” telescope for a more intimate look at some deep sky objects.


And whether you come on a private or a group experience, Good Heavens provides comfortable chairs and blankets,

so that you can concentrate on the sky above. You’ll also be given a hot drink to warm you inside.


Following your stargazing experience, our guides will send you an overview of the objects viewed,

as well as links to information that may further your journey through the night sky.

   We invite you to enjoy the magical night sky of

Great Barrier Island with us!

Marvel at the magic the stars have held for thousands of years!

Share some of the insights modern technology has provided us with.

You will be close to the stars with an 8" telescope and binoculars, while comfy seating, a hot drink and blankets will keep you cozy.


Make sure to book this experience in advance - because of our small group sizes and our limited number of local guides, availability is limited.


Booking tips:

Please note that with more moon in the evening sky, faint stars are less visible.

Whatever the phase of the moon, if the sky is clear there is always plenty to see and marvel at. For mor information on the right timing for your Experience, check out or FAQ page.

Stargazing is weather dependent. Consider staying on Great Barrier Island for two or more nights, to double your chances of a cloud free night. There is plenty to do on our beautiful island.

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Heavens Above! Private Dark Sky Experience - We come to you, whether you are a couple, family, friends or colleagues. Relax in comfort while we enlighten you on the marvels of our dark starry sky. We bring binoculars and an 8" telescope. Does stargazing in New Zealand get any better than this?

Dining with the Stars – Private Dark Sky Experience

Enjoy a private Dark Sky Experience with a scrumptious dinner by a local chef - Be entertained at your accommodation or a dark location closeby, by the action in the universe! Your night's entertainment sorted. Basic price includes dinner for four.